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We are often asked, what should I write in a review?

What you write is totally up to you.  Say what you think.  The main purpose of a review is to help a potential client decide if Bartlett Legal Group is the right choice to help their family through the complex legal process.  With over 20,000 attorneys in Connecticut alone, there are many choices. Client reviews are critically important to us.  Is there anything that you feel makes Bartlett Legal Group the best choice and a five-star Injury law firm?

Potential clients want to know about your experience, for example:

  • Did you get the results you felt were fair?
  • Did the attorney and staff care about you?
  • Was the staff pleasant to work with?
  • Was the attorney or staff accessible?
  • Were calls returned within a reasonable amount of time?
  • Were the attorney and staff knowledgeable and professional?
  • Was the attorney honest?
  • Did the attorney help remove your stress about the legal process?
  • Did the attorney show empathy? Were they sensitive to your feelings and thoughts?
  • Did you find a feeling of closure?
  • Did you get justice?
  • Was the attorney experienced with your type of case and did that make a difference?
  • Did the attorney explain things in a way that was easy to understand?
  • Did the attorney take the time to explain all the options available and help you make the best choice?
  • Most importantly, would you recommend Bartlett Legal Group to your family and friends?

Client satisfaction is our highest priority at Bartlett Legal Group.  If we did not meet your expectations in any way or you have any criticism please contact us directly at your earliest convenience at 203-439-7717.


Your feedback is extremely important to us and we greatly value your opinion. Please use Google to leave a review.  Other places to leave a review are LinkedIn, Avvo, or Facebook. You can also leave a review to be posted
on our website.

If you have been happy with our services please click on five stars and leave a review that would help others choose Bartlett Legal Group.

How to leave a Google review

From a Desktop Computer

1) Go to Google.com and search for Bartlett Legal Group.  You should see this result.

Google result for Bartlett Legal Group search

2) Click on the “write a review” button. You then need to click on a star. The right-hand star leaves a five-star review…

3) Need an account? Making a Google account is quick and easy.
a. Go to https://accounts.google.com/signup?hl=en
b. Fill in the required fields. You can use your existing email or create a new Gmail email address. You can leave “mobile number” blank. Click on “next step.”
4) Once complete, log into Google and leave a review by going to step 1

From a Mobile Device

1) Click on your Google app or go to Google and search for Bartlett Legal Group. You should see a map and Bartlett Legal Group, LLC on a blue background.
2) Click on the down arrow for more about Bartlett Legal Group.

mobile Google search Bartlett Legal Group

3) Scroll down and click on More Google reviews

instructions for Google review

4) Scroll down to where it shows five blank stars and click on the appropriate star.  We sincerely hope we have earned five stars. If we have, please click on the star on the far right.

5) In the area below the stars where it says “share details of your own experience at this place”, please write a review that would be helpful to potential clients looking for a good attorney.

Need a Google account? See #3 Need an Account above under desktop instructions above.

The Ultimate – Make a video testimonial

Take a video with your iPhone or let us make a video of you telling of your experience dealing with our firm.  There are a couple of examples on our website’s homepage.

If you have any questions or comments about leaving a review please email [email protected]

Sincerely, thank you for your time and support in helping us.  It is greatly appreciated.