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Clients victimized by accidents or abuse deserve fair treatment.  The attorneys at Bartlett Legal Group, LLC help their clients overcome obstacles they face when life-changing legal matters arise unexpectedly. We have dedicated Connecticut lawyers who provide a high level of personalized and sophisticated legal representation. Our firm’s focus is on wrongful death and car accident cases.

Appeals Lawyer CT

Appellate experience at our firm provides our clients with quality representation at all appellate levels. Bartlett Legal Group’s appellate attorneys appear in the Connecticut Appellate and Supreme Courts, and United States Courts of Appeals. Their appellate work covers all the firm’s areas of litigation, ranging from personal injury through family law and criminal matters.
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Attorney Case Referral

A significant percentage of our cases at Bartlett Legal Group, LLC have been referred to us by other attorneys who are familiar with our results, reputation, and experience, both in and out of the courtroom.  I am always happy to speak with attorneys and discuss their wrongful death or personal injury cases to determine if our...

Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers

While some clients come to our firm suffering pain from physical injuries, others are dealing with emotional trauma from abuse. Regardless of the nature of their injuries we dedicate all of the firm's resources to not only maximize compensation, but also secure justice on their behalf.
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