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Appellate experience at our firm provides our clients with quality representation at all appellate levels. Bartlett Legal Group’s appellate attorneys appear in the Connecticut Appellate and Supreme Courts, and United States Courts of Appeals. Their appellate work covers all areas of personal injury litigation.

Attorney Frank Bartlett has briefed and argued precedent-setting personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. The firm has made significant contributions to the law regarding the applicability of Connecticut’s motor vehicle exclusion to the workers’ compensation exclusivity, dram shop liability and bar and restaurant owners’ duty to properly supervise their patrons to prevent fights.

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Appellate Lawyers

It takes special knowledge and ability to win appeals, especially at higher court levels. Our Appellate Lawyers have the in-depth experience and understanding needed to successfully challenge or defend rulings through appeals for our clients.  Our attorneys possess the unique experience needed to handle appellate claims.

If you have received an unfavorable result in your civil trial there may be legitimate grounds for appeal.  Similarly, if the opponent to a successful trial seeks and appeal of the verdict you have won, we can help protect your judgement.

Clients come from across Connecticut to work with our Appellate Attorneys to defend successful verdicts and seek to overturn erroneous rulings. Attorney Frank Bartlett, Jr. has utilized the knowledge he gained as a clerk to Judge Francis X. Hennessey of the Connecticut Appellate Court as well as years of arguing appeals as a special appellate public defender to advocate on behalf of his clients.

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09/20/2013 Attorney Bartlett successfully argues before the CT Supreme Court Wood v. Club LLC covered live on TV on the CT News Network. Attorney Bartlett starts his arguments 30 minutes and 16 seconds into the video.  To watch the video go to our home page and click on the photo under appellate lawyers in the lower portion of the home page.