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Sex Abuse Attorney CT

Representing Victims of Sex Abuse or Molestation

“Giving Victims a Voice”

Sex abuse attorney Frank Bartlett Jr. provides representation, assistance, and much-needed closure to victims, including adult victims of childhood sexual abuse or molestation. Childhood sex abuse often comes with guilt or fear on the part of the victim, who may have found it easier to say nothing than to face what may have literally been an unspeakable scenario. The victim may silently carry those same feelings into adulthood until he or she is finally able to speak up to help the healing process. These sex abuse acts are often committed by trusted people in the community such as priests, doctors, teachers, coaches, medical professionals, Scout leaders and even family members. The victims often feel that they are alone and that people won’t believe their stories.  We will believe you, and help you and your family members who are still suffering from abuse issues that may have happened years ago. Our intent is to empower the voice that has so long been silent and to maximize your compensation. Our goal is to help victims of sexual molestation and sexual abuse become survivors and move on with their lives.


Effects of sexual abuse on victims

Victims of sex abuse or sexual assault often suffer lifelong issues.  Many of our sexually abused clients suffer from a variety of illnesses that are commonly related to past sexual abuse such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, and difficulty maintaining a long-term relationship.  Understandably, the sexually abused often have trust issues. Because childhood sexual abuse can leave a severe emotional scar on a person’s life, sex abuse Attorney Bartlett encourages his clients to seek the treatment and counseling they need if they have not done so already.

We represent clients with sexual abuse by Boy Scout leaders, priests, medical professionals, teachers and others

Our personal injury sex abuse attorney has extensive experience with many forms of sexual abuse cases, in the courtroom and through arbitration.  He is knowledgeable with the laws, procedures and intricacies that pertain to these cases.  This is a specialized form of legal advocacy that should be handled by an attorney with experience in this field of law. We understand the medical, psychological, and legal issues involved in a sexual abuse claim. We know how to build strong, convincing cases designed to secure deserved compensation for our clients. Child sex abuse cases often settle without going to court, especially cases against large institutions that have dealt with our firm on other cases. If your case does go to court confidentiality may be maintained by the use of an alias such as John Doe under some circumstances. This can be discussed at our first consultation.

Connecticut statutes of limitation associated with childhood sexual abuse

Although Connecticut law does have strict statutes of limitations for filing criminal charges most people don’t realize that childhood sexual abuse and other types of civil claims may still be filed, in many instances, at any time before the victim reaches age 48. Also, Conn. Gen. Stat. §52-577e states:
There is no statute of limitations for suits against abusers who have been convicted of sexual assault in the 1st degree.

What to expect at your consultation and beyond with our firm

At the initial consultation clients receive immediate validation and support. Through discussion with you, we begin to understand the events that led you to seek legal counsel and the pertinent details about the incident(s).  Initial consultation appointments are generally one hour in length.  When you become our client, you are no longer alone in this journey for validation and closure. Our clients have told us of the feeling of great relief they have experienced when they finally understood that the abuse was not their fault.  The focus of our work together is to hold the abuser accountable while helping survivors take a courageous step in the direction of justice and emotional freedom.


Through the civil justice system, we seek validation for our clients.  As one example, our sex abuse attorney won a $2,750,000 verdict for a woman that was molested as a child forty years ago.  Despite the fact that there were few records to support her claim, the jury sided with Attorney Bartlett.

Bartlett Legal Group represents and has successfully represented Boy Scouts who have been sexually abused by Connecticut Scout Leaders such as Alton Parady in southern Connecticut, and David (Dirk) Davenport of Madison, CT.  For additional information on Boy Scout sexual abuse click here.

Attorney Bartlett was the lead sexual abuse attorney who negotiated a confidential settlement in one of the representative cases that resulted from the largest documented case of serial pedophilia and child pornography in Connecticut state history in which a trusted hospital doctor was fondling and taking inappropriate pictures of his child patients. Don’t think you don’t have a case.

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