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Hartford teenager dies from crash after police chase

Xavier Myers age 18 was pronounced dead Monday morning following a crash resulting from a police chase from Hartford to Bloomfield.  Police believed there was a gun in the car and attempted to stop the car driven by Myers.  Myers failed to stop which initiated the chase.  A sixteen year old passenger with Myers suffered minor injuries. 

Norwich CT Motorcycle Rider Dies After Crash

Andre J. Ross of Norwich was fatally injured in an accident at 2 A.M. Saturday morning.  No other vehicles were involved.  If anyone has information about the accident please call Norwich Officer Andre Rosedal at the Norwich Police Department 860-886-5561.

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Additional legal information about motorcycle accidents and wrongful death.

Bicycle accident


Q: From Bristol, CT.  Do I have a case for a bicycle accident trying to avoid getting hit by a car?


I was riding down a hill on the sidewalk and saw a car encroach into a driveway on the same sidewalk. I attempted to stop but notice that the car stopped and to my knowledge I figured that the car was letting me pass. I continued. But the car commenced up the driveway. Trying to avoid getting hit by the car, I quickly swayed to the side and hit a curb then went flying. I was not able to get the driver’s information, but the driver did call the cops and the ambulance took me to the hospital. The officer took my information as well as the hospital. Now I am stuck with a medical bills and regular doctor’s visit for physical therapy for a dislocated disc, pinch nerve, and a possible injury to my left rotator cuff.

A: Based on the facts you presented, the driver of the car was likely negligent, which would allow you to pursue a claim against him, if you are able to locate him. If you are unable to locate the driver, you may still be able to pursue a claim against your own insurance policy for uninsured motorist benefits. In any event, you should speak with a local personal injury attorney who can assist you with this process.

Q: Can any legal action be taken?

Q: From New London, CT.  There is not a police report and now I am experiencing pain.

Can any legal action be taken?

I did not think I was hurt at the time but now am experiencing pain and have gone to the ER to no avail. The accident occurred on school campus. The other party backed out of a parking space and hit my son’s vehicle which I was driving.


A: If you took down the other driver’s information, you may still be able to pursue a claim against them, even if there is no police report. Every situation is different, however, and you should speak with an attorney about your particular circumstances. Please feel free to call my office for a free consultation.